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We provide reliable, affordable services for homeowners who want a space that is beautiful, easy to live in and that they can take pride in.

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What we do

A design service catered to your needs

We specialize in helping homeowners who are thinking of redesigning their homes, either to increase the beauty or functionality of the home (or both!), or need to prepare the home to go on the market.  From smaller interior styling projects to full home renovations, we have a solution for you.

Custom Solutions

We offer a wide-range of custom solutions to meet your needs AND your budget.  

Added Value

Whether you are designing to stay or designing to sell, you will be adding significant value to your most precious asset.

Substantial Savings

By packaging real estate & design services together, you save a substantial amount of time & money.

A truly end-to-end experience

Full Interior Redesign & Styling

Whether you are thinking about a simple refresh of a few rooms, want to update some of the finishes such as countertops, flooring, etc... or, you are thinking of structurally changing the layout of your home, I have a solution for you.

Home Renovation & Remodeling

My husband and I own a local construction company, so for larger renovation projects, we offer clients affordable contracting service & support to help facilitate bringing your new home design to life.

Market Prep Services

Did you know that buyers over-estimate the cost of repairs & home improvements by as much as 4 times what they really cost?  This can translate into substantially low offers.  Additionally did you know that buyers cannot typically visualize themselves living in a vacant property?  If they cannot do this, they will not create a connection to the home, and buyers by-and-large, buy on emotion.  This is a critical part of marketing your home, and Professional Market Preparation helps facilitate this connection.  I have Market Prep Solutions for both Occupied and Vacant properties.

Real Estate Sales & Service

I believe there is a natural connection between the Real Estate & Design industries.  There is inevitable preparation that sellers must do to the home before they put it on the market.  As well, buyers will naturally want to personalize their new home and make it their own.  I combine my expertise in both of these areas to give buyers & sellers a COMPLETE, end-to-end real estate experience.


Our "virtual" E-Design packages are perfect for "DIY" homeowners who don't mind arranging & styling their own furniture & accessories, and who perhaps just need a little help with a vision and sourcing of products that complete the vision.  Following a brief (optional) discovery meeting, I will create you two initial concept boards that meet your style preferences & expectations; one final concept perspective, inclusive of a color palette, to illustrate how to arrange furnishings & accessories and shopping links for you to easily purchase products directly.

Color Consultation

Are you moving into a new home and want to make it your own?  Or are you simply wanting to breathe new life into your current home without necessarily creating a full design plan?  I can help you create a color palette that complements your home's current finishes & furnishings.

why we do it

We’ve been there

Working in Real Estate for many years, I've always felt as though "something is missing" from the home buying & selling process.  Time and time again, I see sellers believe they will "save money" by selling faster, 'as-is', which simply isn't true.  Additionally, while it is certainly an exciting time for buyers to get the keys & move into their new homes, it would feel much more personal if they had a plan ahead to 'make it their own'.  I hope to close that gap in the process and make the entire experience much more personal, enjoyable & beautiful!


What Clients Say...


Jen helped us sell our condo in Irvine.  She was able to help us sell for about $30,000 more than we expected.  Our condo ended up selling for the highest price ever in our building!!



Jen helped us sell our home for more than $100K OVER the closest sale in our neighborhood. She knew exactly how to prepare our home in a way that actually ADDED value to our home. We didn't even know it was possible to sell for more than recent sales!!



Jen had excellent recommendations to help us update our house.  It is beautiful & we have received many compliments!  Jen is professional, yet personable & friendly.  I highly recommend Jen!


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