"It's a Seller's Market!", they said...

"Your home will sell in NO time!", they said...

"I can get you TOP DOLLAR in 30 days!!", they said...

Ready to Learn How to ACTUALLY Get Your Home Sold??

Let Me Show You How to...

  • PREPARE your home so it stands head & shoulders above competing properties on the market,
  • COMPEL qualified buyers to want YOUR home over all other homes on the market - perhaps even WANT to pay more for your home,
  • ACHIEVE up to $50 - 100K MORE than comparable sales in your neighborhood - yes, it IS possible!!!

Learn the 5 Strategies that help you attract the most QUALIFIED Buyers in Today's

INSANELY competitive Real Estate Market!

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that ALL Home Sellers Face...

  • Is that even in "scorching hot" Seller's Markets, listings still expire and homes do not sell - ever wonder why??
  • Interest Rates are SUPER Low... FAR Increasing the Number of Buyers in the Marketplace...
  • ... which you might say is GREAT because it drives up prices, but what if they aren't *highly* qualified to pay what your home is REALLY worth??

Due to such low inventory, buyers believe they need to "go to the Listing Agent" to buy a home!

And soon enough, YOUR Agent is representing both you AND the Buyer?!  Wait...what??

Which means Sellers are giving their negotiating power AWAY while your agent collects ALL the commission!

... and I am here to tell all of you, home sellers, something important...

And, I am sure, you won't hear it anywhere else...

... because TYPICAL Real Estate Agents make more MONEY off of you if you don't know this...

You need to sell your home...

You want to net as much money as possible when you sell...

Every Real Estate agent out there is promising they can:

"Get you top dollar in 30 days or less"

(Spoiler Alert:  There is no "Real Estate crystal ball" that promises this!)

You Need a DIFFERENT Approach!!!!

So... What's a hard-working, deserving Home Seller like you got to do to come out on TOP in this CRAZY, STUPID Real Estate Market?? 

Personally... I believe it may be the most glamorous, ten-letter word in the industry...


FIVE of them to be exact!!

my FREE, No-Obligation...

Home Marketing Strategy Session

The Psychology of Home Buying

Did you know there are 14 possible reasons why Buyers might connect to and choose to buy one home over another? I will share these with you and help you understand why pre-market home preparation is critical!

How to Reach Buyers GLOBALLY

Reaching local buyers is a given... but, what if you could increase your pool of high-paying, potential buyers by getting your home seen INTERNATIONALLY??  

The ULTIMATE Pricing Strategy

I have a unique approach to pricing the home that very few agents, if any at all, embrace.  I call it "Seller-Empowered Pricing" :):)

A System to Reduce Stress & Eliminate Sales Manipulation

Did you know there IS a way to remove the "ick"-factor when selling a home?  Selling a home doesn't have to be a huge headache!  Let me show you my streamlined system!



Sold WELL Over Comps!

Jen helped us sell our home for more than $100K OVER the closest sale in our neighborhood. She knew exactly how to prepare our home in a way that actually ADDED value to our home. We didn't even know it was possible to sell for more than recent sales!!


First-Time Home Seller

Sold for the Highest Price Ever in Our Building!

Jen helped us sell our condo in Irvine.  She was able to help us sell for about $30,000 more than we expected.  Our condo ended up selling for the highest price ever in our building!!


Buyer & Seller

Absolutely NO "Double-Ending"!!

Jen's strategies for helping us sell our home were amazing!   As first-time sellers we were skeptical initially, but we trusted her to look out for our best interests and she did.   We have never met another agent who promised not to “double-end” our sale and only represent us as sellers, never leaving our side even if it meant less money for her.   An honest real estate agent - what a find! Thank you, Jen.

So... WHAT makes ME qualified to share these Strategies with you...

Because let's be REAL... I'd ask the same thing too

i There!  I'm Jen...

... I've been buying & selling Real Estate my entire adult life!  Real Estate is one of the BEST ways to invest your money, so to me, the opportunities are endless!  I decided to

get my license 3 years ago and help others realize their dreams of home-ownership!  In addition to being a licensed Real Estate Agent, I am also a Certified Home Stager & Designer and co-owner, along with my husband, of a local construction company.  When I got into Real Estate, I didn't want to just be another 'sleazy' salesperson - sorry to be so direct...I realize that is the perception out there of our industry - so I got busy searching for an amazing coach & mentor, from whom I learned how to bring a different kind of service to Buyers & Sellers!  That is where I learned about these 5 Strategies!  Combining my out-of-the-box Real Estate system with my love for Design & Construction allows me to offer a truly end-to-end experience to my clients!

Is it really free??

What if I already have another agent?

Do you need both of us to attend (spouses, partners, parents/children)?

Can you just email me the strategies?

What if I am not selling for another year?

What commission do you charge?