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If you are following along with my series on preparing for your home renovation, you have identified the goals you are trying to achieve with your home and you’ve built a high-level budget for your renovation.  Today I am going to cover some considerations you should make when you are choosing a design & construction professional for your project.Get Recommendations & ReferralsThere are so many design & construction professionals out

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Your Guide to Preparing Your Home to Sell for TOP Dollar

Everything you need to know to maximize your home's value!

Did you know that when you decide to sell, your home is no longer your home but rather, a PRODUCT on the open market?

It is important to understand the desires of buyers in your market and CREATE a product that appeals to them!  This is the only way you will truly be able to achieve top dollar.  Ask me about my "Ideal Buyer System" for selling your home!

Does Your Home Need Work Before You Put it on the Market?

I'd love to chat with you about my Pre-Sale Renovation Assistance program!  I help sellers by covering the up-front costs of home improvements & repairs.  Schedule a brief Discovery Call below to Learn More!

Services I Offer

I help home- & property-owners enhance the functionality & value of their properties while making them beautiful & easy-to-live- (& work)-in.

Full Service Interior Design

Fully end-to-end interior design service. Perfect for clients who want help managing their project from start to finish.  We help with simple decorating & styling all the way up to complete renovations & remodels.

Market Prep & Staging

Similar to Full Service Interior Design, except we are designing with potential buyers in mind.

Virtual Room Design (E-Design)

Interior design & styling that is done 100% online. Implementation & installation are "DIY".

Color Consultation

Choosing colors can be daunting for some people as there are many "rules" to follow. Let me help you pick the perfect palette for your home.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

-Peter Drucker

You deserve a home you can be proud of!

We specialize in helping homeowners who are thinking of redesigning their homes, either to increase the beauty or functionality of the home (or both!), or need to prepare the home to go on the market.  From smaller interior styling projects to full home renovations, we have a solution for you.

I know how to make you money!

Working in Real Estate for many years, I've always felt as though "something is missing" from the home buying & selling process.  Time and time again, I meet sellers who believe they will "save money" by selling faster, 'as-is', which simply isn't true.  Additionally, while it is certainly an exciting time for buyers to get the keys & move into their new homes, it would feel much more intimate and personal if they had a plan ahead to 'make it their own'.  I hope to close that gap in the process and make the entire experience much more personal, enjoyable & beautiful!

What Others Say


Jen had excellent recommendations to help us update our house.  It is beautiful & we have received many compliments!  Jen is professional, yet personable & friendly.  I highly recommend Jen!


 / Renovation & Seller Client


Jen helped us sell our home for more than $100K OVER the closest sale in our neighborhood. She knew exactly how to prepare our home in a way that actually ADDED value to our home. We didn't even know it was possible to sell for more than recent sales!!


/ Renovation & Seller Client


... and I've been buying, renovating & selling (for profit) Real Estate my entire adult life!  I am the Principal Designer & Project Manager for Jen Libutti Homes & Pacific Pointe Construction & a licensed Real Estate agent in California & Florida. We specialize in helping homeowners create beautiful spaces that are comfortable & easy to live in and most importantly, uncover hidden value in their home.  Let's work together!

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