Preparing Your Home for the Market

This service is for ALL homeowners who are thinking of putting their home on the market.  How you sell a property is much different than how you live in your home.  The moment you put your home on the market, it stops being your home and becomes a PRODUCT.  

Think about when you go to the store - or these days, you're more likely shopping online - and you come across a great pair of shoes or an amazing bag & HAD to have it... there is something about it that 1. caught your eye, and 2. compelled you to buy it.  That compelling factor is that it fulfilled some benefit for you.  It solved a problem, made your life more convenient or it made you feel a certain way!  Houses have a way of doing that too - on a much larger scale, of course!  So, if you are thinking of selling your home, you will most likely need to do some kind of work to transform the home to an appealing, compelling product.  After over 20 years in Real Estate, we know what buyers want and for what they are willing to pay MORE!

With this service, we start with a 90-minute consultation where we walk through the home, room-by-room and identify the action items that will give you the highest return when you sell.  I will provide on-the-spot advice on how to transform the home into a desirable product that buyers will LOVE!

If you were a buyer, would you rather...

The Process

Initial Consultation

A 90-minute meeting where we walk through the house & assess the marketability of each room.  We will make high-ROI suggestions on what work to do to the property to attract the most HIGH-PAYING buyers to the home.

Design Concept

If you are planning to complete any home improvements as part of the Market Prep process, here is where design concepts are prepared, as well as suggestions for products, fixtures & finishes & any ordering of materials or samples on your behalf.

Project Implementation

Once we have a final concept, we will finalize interior selections and design documentation, partner with contractors & vendors on implementation and order and procure products on your behalf.

Installation & Styling

Upon completion of construction, we will develop a design concept for furniture, soft furnishings, art and accessories for the entire home.  Finally, I will spend time in the property styling & adding photo-ready finishing touches.

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*Not all Market Prep projects require complicated home improvements.  For some, it could just mean some interior styling of current furnishings (i.e., Initial Consultation ==> Installation & Styling).  The process outlined above is a full, end-to-end process for a large renovation project to illustrate the process under the most extensive circumstances.

Did you know that many designers & contractors not only charge you a fee for their design work, but they ALSO make money off the finishes and products you buy throughout your design project?  Part of my commitment to you that I will pass my Trade Pricing along to you whenever I can.  This includes furniture & accessories that you might purchase & keep down to building materials used in full home renovations - tile, flooring, etc.  This means substantial savings for you - and comfort in knowing that any suggestions I make about materials & products are meaningful only to you and your project!

Design Fee

Since this service is highly customizable based on your budget & comfort-level, an hourly fee is typically the basis of the design fee.  The first step is the initial consultation.  During the initial consultation, we will define your project scope and from there, we will estimate the number of hours to complete your design, for which you will receive a Project Proposal.  You are not obligated to continue work beyond the initial consultation or Market Prep Proposal - if you are comfortable "DIY"ing your project, you are welcome to do the actual prep work yourself.

Book Your Consultation!

Where:  Project Location*

How Long?:  90-minutes

How Much?:  $249

Please select a day & time when all homeowners/decision-makers are available to attend the consultation.

*My typical service area is within a 25-mile radius of Irvine.  If your project is outside of this area, please contact me directly prior to scheduling an appointment.  Thank you.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Consultation Fees prior to 72 hours before your appointment are eligible for a refund minus $50.  Consultation Fees within 72 hours of your scheduled appointment are non-refundable.  If you are unable to make your appointment, we are happy to reschedule anytime within 24 hours of your appointment.  Please contact to cancel or reschedule.

We offer substantially discounted Market Prep services when you also hire us to Market your home!  Ask us about it!

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