Thank You for Scheduling!!

I am so excited to meet with you & help you prepare your home for the market!

In this meeting, we will discuss your goals, walk through each room of the property and evaluate how to receive the maximum return on the sale of your home.  At the end of the this consultation, you will receive a detailed report of action items to take in order to maximize your efforts and/or home improvement investment.  

I will also, if applicable, include a Project Proposal with the detailed report for any additional design & construction work that is recommended for the home.  By agreeing to this consultation, you are NOT obligated to complete that work, as well as you are welcome to "DIY" any styling and/or arranging of furnishings & accessories detailed in the Market Prep report.

"Buyers decide within the First 8 Seconds of seeing a home whether or not they want to buy it!"

-Barbara Corcoran

Need some reading material while you wait for our meeting?

Download my FREE 48-point Home Inspection Checklist for Home Sellers!  This guide will give you an idea of items that could come up on a buyer's home inspection report so you can start proactively addressing problems before they arise!!

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